Brian Johnston


This is Arnie who had really poor hooves and was always loosing shoes but since using Hoof First his feet have changed dramatically and gone are the problems and now he keeps his shoes on.

My farrier is amazed with the change in quality of his hooves which is all down to Hoof First.

Brian Johnston

Briony Middleton

briony-middletonMy KWPN Dutch Warmblood gelding was scoped and found to be suffering from stomach ulcers a couple of years ago. He was prescribed medication by our vet, which was extremely expensive and definitely un-maintainable for life. I started to look for alternative supplements that aid in the prevention of stomach ulceration. I was also, at the time, looking for a magnesium based calmer to help my gelding deal with situations he found stressful, which in turn would aid and help in the prevention of the return of his stomach ulcers .

By chance I came across Horse First on the internet and it was the luckiest thing I ever did as far as my horse is concerned. On reading, the Horse First "RelaxMe" supplement seemed like a God-send, as not only does it work on the nervous system, but it also looks after the digestive system. I ordered a tub straight away and I was not disappointed. As a calmer "RelaxMe" works almost instantly, definitely noticeably. Overtime I have also come to see that it looks after my horse's stomach as well.
Thank you Horse First

Briony Middleton - Buxton, Derbyshire

Sarah Ann Stoker

sarah-ann-stokerAfter meeting yourselves at Badminton last year and taking your advice on using Hoof First for my retired racehorse I have not looked back on hoof care!! My horses feet were not in great condition when he came from the racing yard and I was having trouble with cracking & keeping shoes on, it was so bad it was starting to impact on our eventing as he was getting halfway through the season and then having to have time off to allow his feet to recover.

Since using your product we have competed for a full season and went straight into a hunting season, the farrier is very pleased with his feet and he has never lost a shoe since.....I can't do without this product, I would certainly not have a horse to compete and enjoy otherwise.


Sarah Ann Stoker

Sue Denney


Rolls Silver Spirit AKA "Roly" was lucky to be introduced to HORSE FIRST products when he won Sandringham horse driving trials which was sponsored by Horse First, KEEP ME SOUND has helped Roly stay sound, his competing record speaks for it's self from 2002 to 2010 winning 31 British Nationals, 48 marathon wins, 3 times British National Champion, 4 times British Points League Champion, Team Bronze Medal, World Championships 2005, 2 french National wins, 2 Royal Windsor Driving Grand Prix Wins, and competed at a further 2 World Championships.

As Roly is now 20 years old, KEEP ME SOUND is highly recommended.

Sue Denney

Rory MacCarthy

rory-maccarthyThis is my boxer Kaiser and I have always found it hard to put condition on him until a friend of mine recommended using Horse First supplements. I am now using the omega D and my joints and have noticed a huge difference, he's coat is shining and he is in excellent condition.

I would highly recommend these quality products, thank you Horse First!!

Here is a few pics of kaiser in his Xmas jumper!!

Rory MacCarthy - Cork, Ireland

Ivan Kelly

ivan-kellyDon Rosario, (Rex) arrived out of the horsebox sight unseen. He's a big horse my friend had told me, when a green broke 18 3 backed out of the trailer I thought, there's no chance in hell that I'm sitting up on that. After lots of lunging and moments of indecision I finally tucked my gumption up under my hat and sat up on what has become the most wonderful horse I have ever ridden.

He's now a few years later working at Prix St George and we have our sights sets on glorious dreams. Everyday is a learning curve and a life lesson and making sure he's working to his potential but still kept in his best form has to be a priority at his size and height.


Equine Management & Training

EMT-1As a training yard working with young horses and a considerable number of horses out of training, lively and sharp behaviour is just part and parcel of our daily job. However, whilst we want the horses to be feeling happy and well, it like horses to be fun as it is to ride horses that are clearly feeling fit and well, we do need them to concentrate and focus on their work as well as be free of tension to promote correct muscular development and so that they are fluid and soft in their work.

Over the years we have tried, and been asked to try, probably just about every product on the market but, being perfectly honest, not really with any marked success so as to be able to say "this is the one".

Terri Brosnan

terri-brosnanThis is Holly May Magic who always gets her full name in moments of severe boldness. She is a 6 yr old sport horse who has a tendency to be very highly strung. We started her on Relax Me over a year ago, and she has definitely had a manners upgrade during that time.

Although it improves her rideability, it has also improved every other aspect of handling her. She no longer gets as fretful in the box during transport and is an easier horse to be around...

As long as she thinks she's the boss!

Terri Brosnan

Patricia Clark


I have had Monty, my 17+hh ID since March 2011. He was rescued in a very sorry state by his previous owner. His feet weren't in good condition, and for the next year we struggled to keep shoes on him. At one stage, he was throwing a shoe or two nearly every week. The foot would just disintegrate around the nail site, and he was obviously unhappy during shoeing. I was getting upset and stressed by the condition his feet were in and I could find nothing that worked.

Things were made more complicated by the fact that, we think due to being so undernourished before, he is very prone to colic and had episodes on numerous other supplements, meaning they were then useless to us. So after lots of research and review reading I started him on Hoof First. No colicky reaction to it and within a startlingly short time I could see a difference in the quality of the new hoof growth.

He's now been on the supplement for eight months, the quality of the new wall that's grown since he's been on it is so much better than before, it's hard to believe.

Steff Cobb

steff-cobbI have owned Dorian for just over a year now, when I bought him his feet were terrible quality, he had a poor coat and very little topline.

Over the first 10 months I used conditioning feeds, muscle supplements, balancers, oils, biotin, hoof dressings - the works! To try to improve his condition, but it wasn't until I used Keep Me sound that I noticed any difference.

Now, 14 months on he is FINALLY building correct topline and sustaining it. His feet are strong and he holds his shoes easily and he is round and shiny (possibly a little too round at times!).

Holly Banks

holly-banksMy horse Barney is an ex-racehorse, when I first started riding him he was extremely hyper. I could barely ride him at all. We tried him on RelaxMe.

He was immediately responsive and has calmed down so much I no longer need any calmers. I owe so much to Horse First. I have now successfully competed in a dressage league and a racehorse to riding horse competition with him.

 Holly Banks - Wicklow, Ireland

Janice Mc Neill


I would like to let you know how delighted I am with the change in my horse after trying 'relax me'.

I have a 10 year old 16.1hh warmblood gelding who has always been a bit spooky, but has recently become much worse following surgery which required weeks of box rest. When the time came for turnout even getting to and from the field was a chore as he was so wound up and seeing monsters in every bush. When lunging commenced he would spook at his own shadow in the arena and take off and to be honest we were dreading the ridden work beginning.

Alison Greenfield

alison-greenfield1I bought my TB mare when she was 5 yrs old and had been backed and lightly hacked, i brought her on slowly but soon discovered she lacked a lot of confidence and became very stressed in a lot of situations i played the 7 games with her which help us bond (she now trust me and goes where ever i go, un tethered).

I am producing her to compete dressage but the warm up arena was to much for her and she became very naughty, i put her on relax me about 1 month ago and already are seeing the changes in her, she is much more relaxed and more confident in her self and also much happy, her ridden work has improve tramendously and when hacking out is no longer worried by everyday objects, i am so happy because my horse is happy. Thank you Relax Me.

Alison Greenfield - Newport, East Yorkshire

Amanda Millard


My youngster Princess had life saving colic surgery back in April 2011. After battling Colon displacement surgery & removing a stomach impaction her intestine packed up. The vets got her intestine to work again & just when we thought she was safe she had colic again.

Thankfully the colic was a reaction to food in her stomach again & after 11 days in hospital we got to take her home. Princess did not like the restrictions that we had to impose on her after surgery & became extremely bad tempered.

Cathy Griffin

cathy-griffinThe horses in these photos are all ISPCA rescued equines who were saved from abuse and neglect. Here they are fully rehabiliated and enjoying a play session in the snowy fields of the National Animal Centre.

In my line of work I see many sad sights and go through so much heart ache but to see these beautiful horses restored to full health, well fed, warm and cosy in their rugs and enjoying life again makes all the hardwork worthwhile and reminds me why I do my job.

 Cathy Griffin - Longford, Ireland

Claire Saunders


I recently spoke to you for advice on products for my yearling as he has had a lot of setbacks in the last year and had a weak immune system. I am forwarding you some pictures of before and after using back to form, cuppra and nu bludd for one month.

I am more than pleased by the result and cant thank you enough. He has gained so much condition and weight plus has such a shiny coat and a lot more energy and strength! I will definitely be recommending these products and will continue to use them in the future.

Many thanks once again!

Claire Saunders

Marie Gleeson

maire-gleesonCasper is an 8 year old TB x-racehorse. He has had problems with his hooves and 4 months ago he got an abscess in his right hoof and went very lame after treatment then two weeks later he developed an abscess in his left hoof resulting in him not being able to move and he was putting all his weight onto his hind end.

It was heartbreaking to see him in such a bad state. I put him onto Horse First Hoof First and now 4 months later his hooves are really improving, he will not get shoes on until late spring when he will have fully grown strong hoofs.

Thank you he is looking and feeling amazing.

Máire Gleeson - Ennis, Ireland

Caterina Vengeance-Garton

caterinaI was given a 16'2 Andalusian x TB who was in a bit of a sorry state. Lack luster coat, hooves looking a bit flakey, no top line and no life in his eyes! I was at my local horsey store where the guy from Horse First was there explaining products etc. I told him about my horse Coolio and he straight away suggested Keep Me Sound.
All I can say is AMAZING!!! Coolio looks like a superstar now, hooves are the healthest I have have ever seen a horse have and his coat is the softest and shinest I have ever seen it!! I noticed he was no longer the dull lifeless horse. I love this product and WILL be using it on the new horse I have and would love to thank the representative who suggested this product to me! THANK YOU HORSE FIRST!

Caterina Vengeance-Garton, N. Ireland

Niamh Twomey

niamh-twomey-1I have been using Horse First supplements for a few years now and find them very good but i mainly use them for my one of my mares called " Whisper" who has arthritis in both her shoulder and fetlock joint as a result of an injury we claimed while doing x country appx. 9 yrs ago. We met a jump all wrong and summersaulted over a big log and she came down hard on her shoulder and i ended up in hospital.

This mare has been such a super star and loyal friend to me that i want to help her and ease her arthritis as best i can. She is now only 14 and retired and is blind in one eye but has a heart as big as a lions. She runs round like a 4 yr old some days but the cold weather affects her.

Lyndsey Pointon

lyndsey-pointon-1I purchased Wonder, my 17 MW show hunter 12 months ago and my farrier , who s a stockist for Horse First, suggested I gave him My Joints as my horse was such a 'big lad'!! I have used it consistantly since then as a safe guard for his joints.

I feed my horse Top spec and used their calmer as he was a bit spooky and lacked concentration. It didn't work so I tried Nupa Feed and got placed at the bottom of the line up at shows every time because he was misbehaving. So my farrier suggested Relax me and after 1 week my spooky horse turned into a lamb. Amazing transformation and will always recommend it to my friends.

Sara Mc Comb

sara-mccomb-1Maggie is a very special horse to me, however when I first got her she had so many issues with the horsebox I thought I would never load her... a lot of time patiance and Horsefirst Relax me fixed that! She no longer tries to kick herself out of the box and loads great! Recently I decided to try Maggie barefoot,

There is no way I could have considered this without Hoof first as her hoof horn had been quite poor, Horsefirst has been the brand I can trust to help with any problems, We couldnt do without it!!

Sara McComb - Ballynahinch, N. Ireland

Martha Komachi

martin-komachi-1I started MyJoints for both of my horses, a 25 year old Morgan and a 13 year old Irish Sporthorse (Note the wonderful Paddy Hughes found my amazing horse for me!) about 6 months ago, Both horses are doing amazingly on MyJoints, much better results than any other joint supplement that I have tried.

My Irish horse is jumping Prelim level and has had no stiffness as prior. Thanks to HorseFirst and Paddy Hughes!!!!

Martha Komachi - Chicago, Illinois

Sam Kelly


We started using Relax Me for our Hackney Stallion that competes in Indoor and Outdoor Horse Driving Trials. Stapleford Enchantment (aka Paddy) is as you can imagine highly strung and gets easily upset. He is driven by Hannah my daughter who loves her Dressage and schooling and wanted to improve her marks.

Paddy was losing marks due to tension. Since feeding him Relax Me he won the Novice Horse class at Erddig which was only a few weeks after we had started him on Relax Me.

Erin MacCarthy

erin maccarthy

This is my horse Brego, he is 18 years old and he is a super star. When I bought Brego a year and a half ago my confidence was extremely low and I never could of imagined how far he would bring me.

To make a long story short this horse has been one of the best things that has ever happen me.

Needless to say we're big fans of My Joints!!!!


Erin MacCarthy - Cork City

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