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“Every Horse should B-Well”

B Well rebalances the digestive system to stimulate the production of natural flora and enables your horse to utilise feed more efficiently. B Well is the complete appetite stimulant for fussy eaters to fit racehorses. It also contains folic acid for fertility and pregnancy.

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B group vitamins are critical for:
• Energy production from protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism
• Efficient feed utilization
• Blood cell formation

These B group vitamins are water soluble and not stored in the body and must be taken on a daily basis. If any of the B vitamins are deficient, energy production suffers significantly resulting in poor performance. B-Well rebalances the digestive system and stimulates a healthy appetite.

Mares – High folic acid for a healthy pregnancy: Give 20ml daily on a weekly cycle
Foals: 10ml daily/weekly cycle
Hunters, Show jumpers, Eventers: 25ml daily on a weekly cycle
Racehorses: 30ml daily on a weekly cycle

Available sizes: 2.5 Litre & 1 Litre

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