"When you need performance you need Vital-V - 1 litre lasts 100 days!"

hf-vital-vVital-V is the  new multi-vitamin Super Supplement to allow your horse to reach its maximum potential. Vital-V provides each horse with the essential multi-vitamins they require for optimum health and vitality.

Vital-V was formulated as a result of extensive research conducted by Horse First on existing multi-vitamins in the market.

Many of the existing multi-vitamins provide vitamins and minerals in such small quantities they are not capable of producing an effect on the health and performance of the horse.

And so Vital-V was born, its name originating from the Latin word "Vitale" meaning "Life Giving" and the word vitamin being a derivative of the word "VITAL".

Vital-V  provides the ten essential vitamins in quantities that will give immediate results.


It should be used in conjunction with your daily feeding regime when you require outstanding results from your horse.


•    Vital-V for the horse recovering from illness or viruses

•    Vital-V for total vitality, performance and well-being

•    Vital-V with its rapid absorption makes it is an easy alternative to injectable Multi-vitamins.

Horseman's Tips: 'So easily absorbed you will see there is nothing like it'

Contains per 10ml:
Vitamin A            12,500IU
Vitamin D            10,000IU
Vitamin B3              250mg
Vitamin B5              200mg
Vitamin E                100mg
Vitamin B1              100mg
Vitamin B2                40mg
Vitamin B6                30mg
Vitamin K                30mcg
Vitamin B12           250mcg

Feeding: 10ml per day for 30 days.
Maintenance: 30ml once weekly.