Alena Hughe's story with HORSE FIRST

rsz alena hughes'Huge huge thanks to Horse First for fantastic products, we use New Bludd, my joints, Omega D and Relax Me and what a difference they make. Alena started competing BSJA at the age of Seven and at that age she struggled to cope with highly strung professional ponies with little strength and little legs, Relax me just took that edge off, making her able to be in control and for the ponies to listen to what she was requiring of them. We have not looked back since and thought to try some more of the range.

Since January still at the age of Seven Alena has qualified for the Under 10's Style & Performance, Stepping Stones on three of her ponies, qualified NSEA both individual and Team. Alena has just turned Eight and hopes to qualify all her ponies for Tiny Tots and more besides. Without Horse First and amazing product range I don't think we would have had those results. Thank you Horse First!'

Alena Hughes

Julie Robert’s story on Relax Me

julie'My nieces 15.2 section D cob had turned into a nightmare after being backed as a 4year old. He never relaxed and was a total nighmare for her until he eventually threw her very badly, destroying her confidence and his. A back problem was diagnosed and treated by an osteopath, but he was still anxious and fearful of everything - the complete opposite to his half brother, bought and broken at the same time. we despaired after trying everything we could and being in position where he just wasn't being ridden. I decided to try a calmer and under the recommendation of the local tack shop tried Relax Me.

Oh my goodness it was unbelievable within the first 5 days you could see a difference in him - he became more relaxed, his head dropped the wild eyes calmed and he just wasn't as anxious. its now been 2 weeks and hes being ridden again, theres no head throwing, it seems that his anxiety has left him - fingers crossed - we have schooled and jumped him in the field this week and hacked him out. its really unbelievable the change in him - we are so pleased.'

Julie Roberts

Thank you so much for your story Julie! More information on Relax Me can be found here.

Karen Outram's story on Relax Me

rsz karen'This is just a quick message to say thank you for this wonderful product! We have a 12.2 mare for my daughter and they went to their first outdoor show on Sunday. The first 2 classes in the morning were hard work, with a rather sharp and strong pony who wouldn’t stand still in the line up and kept tugging at the bit. I gave her ½ a syringe of Relax Me Now and within an hour she was like a different pony! She noticeably relaxed, dropped her head and stood like an angel (more or less). Carys and Phoebe came home with 4 red rosettes and very big smiles, even more importantly I had a relatively stress-free day. Needless to say I will always have a syringe handy in our show kit.'

Karen Outram 

Many thanks for your comments Karen!
More information on Relax Me can be found here. 

Natalie's story with HORSE FIRST

natalie 2'I had a 17 year old bay mare who was very hard to keep sound behind, I started to use keep me sound on her in 2007/8 and she became so fit & healthy, a great coat and best of all sound! We competed all over Ireland and got placed in a few different competitions!

She's now 19 and retired and I have a 5 yr old KWPN (chestnut) who is very hot headed, I have her on relax me, garlic and more & cuppra, I have new bludd for when I put her in foal, and also keep me sound to keep her healthy! If I need any supplements the first one I go for is horse first! I proudly wear horse first my hat & coat and my horse wears the horse first saddle cloth!! (We're just missing the fly veil!!)  Thank you for a great range of products!!'


Rebecca Jackson's story on Relax Me

Rebecca Jackson'The results of Relax me have been unbelievable on both my horses. One especially is almost  unrecognisable (in a good way!). He is an 8 year old, 16.2 KWPN dressage stallion who is very  sharp and is always looking for trouble. I have owned him since he was an unbroken three year old and sent him away to be broken as  a four year old.

Whilst away he was involved in a road accident (which involved him in a hedge and the air  ambulance) and despite numerous attempts and various calmers he has been very nervous on  the road and a danger to motorists so the decision was made to not hack him out.

Long story short, he incurred a minor injury and the vet advised hacking to strengthen his legs, I  was still very dubious about the idea as he has had such a  bad experience.'

Rebecca Jackson

Hannah Saunder's Relax Me story


I am lucky enough to own an outstanding little mare that is honest and brave, will tackle any fence or hedge you put in front of her, whilst catching me at the same time!

Our luck changed a few years ago when she was in foal and suffered a serious case of gastric ulcers, and unfortunately aborted due to a tangled umbilical cord. It was heartbreaking to see this perfect little foal, that she had covered over with bedding in the stable.

Two further attempts at breeding were also unsuccessful so I decided to bring my lovely girl back into work. All was going well, we were back jumping and having a bit of fun, when she ran out at a grid and bolted, my saddle slipped, and my foot was caught in the stirrup, so instead of being dragged underneath her and trampled on, I thought it would be clever to throw myself clear. I ended up landing on my knee, dislocating it, completely rupturing one of the ligaments (acl) and then the bones crashed back together and chipped.


Rolo Before & After


'This is Rolo, he was rescued from a farm in Mallusk in County Antrim along with 70 other horses. The rescue operation was the largest horse rescue ever carried out by the USPCA in its 100 year history.

The conditions at the farm were described as "appalling" and many animals were malnourished and filthy....

Rolo settled into his new home at Holly’s and was given Horse First's Back to Form & Bwell supplements. Below is a photo of Rolo 6 weeks after arriving at Holly’s and a photo to date. The transformation is pretty amazing.'

rolo after

Keep Me Sound


'Well you have done it again HorseFirst!!! I took on and unwanted horse in Oct 2012. Big Ted is a 17hh Belgian Sports Horse who sustained some form of injury form jumping. He was on box rest for roughly 5 months when I got him, very underweight, skinny looking with a dull coat, no muscle what so ever and very poor hoof quality.

The first thing on my list to do was buy Horse First Products!! I used Keep Me Sound on a previous horse and it is my "go to" supplement, I also used Omega "D". Well the change in Ted is fantastic, with a feeding plan, injury management and help from Horse First products, Ted is a new horse!!!'

RelaxMe - Benshergar

RelaxMe Review'I use RELAX ME on my 21 year old Thoroughbred BENSHERGAR (a grandson of the famous racehorse!!) who very much still loves going out & competing, showing or fun rides & can put on a real turn of speed & get a little over excited!! To try & take the edge off him but still maintain his energy & enthusiasm I tried RELAX ME after having tried other calmers without making any noticable difference - WOW ITS BRILLIANT & when you say it works for my horse IT REALLY DOES.

I use RELAX ME on my 21 year old Thoroughbred BENSHERGAR (a grandson of the famous racehorse!!) who very much still loves going out & competing, showing or fun rides & can put on a real turn of speed & get a little over excited!! To try & take the edge off him but still maintain his energy & enthusiasm I tried RELAX ME after having tried other calmers without making any noticable difference - WOW ITS BRILLIANT & when you say it works for my horse IT REALLY DOES. I start giving it approximatly 7-10 days before an outing - most recently an unaffiliated ODE & it just means that I can enjoy my day rather than wondering if it will be a day when Benshergar takes control.

It is wonderful to find something that works & is great value for money - just tell me friends to go & get the clamer in the white tub with red lid & you cant go wrong.

Thanks Horse First.'

Jayne Stone

Hoof First

My horse has always suffered from low heels and thin soles compouded by the wrong type of shoeing. After speaking with my new remedial farrier he suggested a good Biotin suppliment to support his work. I researched suppliments on line and discovered that Hoof First contained more Biotin than any others. What can I say - after only 2 shoeings there was a difference in the quality of his feet, after 3 there is a massive difference. My delighted farrier called me over to test the hardness of his feet and I have no doubt that your product combined with good farriery has made the huge difference. A once crabby moving, sore footed horse is going so much better that he has come up through the shoulder so much that everyone comments on how he has grown. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a horse with thin soles or poor quality feet, it really does what it says on the tub!

Karen Cholerton

Keep Me Sound

image 2

'My 24 year old horse was retired early in 2012 due to discomfort in his joints and I have been quite concerned how he would manage this cold winter. In September 2012 I won a Horse First hamper while jumping my 6 year old mare. The hamper contained a large container of "Keep Me Sound" so I decided to try him on your product. Well he nor I have looked back since. He is now regurlaring hacking and living life to the full. Thanks HORSE FIRST.'

Helen Rayson's Relax Me Story!

relax me

'I bought my first horse almost two years ago after having to wait until I was 40!!!! she wasn't what I initially wanted but when I saw her I fell in love with her, she's a full up 14'2" chestnut Welsh Section D 17 year old mare, and she is everything that comes with it!! if you know what I mean? 

Well after bumbling around for the first 12 months and doing nothing but hacking out, which HAD to be done in company as we have "issues" with hacking alone....I decided to give showing a try, well we almost got thrown out of our first veteran show for trying to kill the horse next to us, then we behaved so badly I forgot to salute the judge and walked off in a rage with her! our second wasn't much better but made everybody laugh, so at least we achieved something! then came The Cumberland Show!! what a mistake that was we spent the entire time cantering backwards, spinning and generally making a show of ourselves just not in the show ring as we couldn't even get her in it!!! so that was it we gave up and sulked for 6 months or so, then Julie at Lloyds Equestrian in Carlisle suggested I try RelaxMe, "I've tried everything there is and they just don't work" I told her, but she persuaded me to give it a month later we won our first ever rosette!! We got a 5th in our first dressage competition and Julie was there to see it happen! everyone who knows us are amazed by the transformation. We could not be without it and we recommend it to everyone who's looking for a calmer, the difference is so remarkable, Julie even uses us as an example.

That wild chestnut mare is called Rosie and she and I are one hell of a team now! and we now have the confidence to take on anything...even hacking alone encountering all sorts of demons! It truly has changed our lives, it's made my red devil a sweet angel without taking her personality or doping her! It's amazing stuff and we love it!'

Helen Rayson

Charlotte's Relax Me story!

my stories c

'I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the relax me, when I first got my tbxhanavraioan mare exactly a year ago, she was very unfit, but as she got fitter she got more excitable, when we went to our first show, we went round the school, broncking and bunny hopping couldn’t get her to go forward at all.

then when I showed her a jump she just went and I couldn’t stop her, and the more I took her out thinking it was because she hadn’t been anywhere in so long the worse it got. Being a very young 17yr old chestnut mare, I got advised to try a calmer, I had seen the horse first range and seen the relax me, this was in April. She has been on it since and wouldn’t think about trying any other, she went on to compete in veteran showing, coming 2nd in our first county show, and won the veteran championship in the Midlands riding club championships, and now doing some unaffiliated show jumping, which we are doing extremely well. I now when my friends ask me to recommend a calmer for their horse and they say they have tried some already I recommended relax me, and they tried it, and then seen the improvements.

Thank you.'


Hollie's Pony

my stories e

My story began on the 16th aug 2011 when I bought my daughters pony called TOM, he's 16 years and he came from a riding school in sully and he was a sight for sore eyes he was very underweight and withdrawn he was neglected for sure, we got him home to our yard and it took a few weeks for him to settle in.

We started to feed him small amounts twice a day 2 help build him back up to how he should be. The 1st time we wormed him he reared up an since then that's all he ever does when he doesn't want to do something, he even reared when he could see his food bucket coming. He is a very sweet natured little guy and we love him so much and were so happy that we saved him from possibly becoming more ill and having a uncertain future. He is now living out the rest of his life without being abused and in peace and is a happy little chap, he's the best lilltle pony ever.'

Laura Palmer

Janice McNeill's Relax Me Story

my stories c

'I would like to let you know how delighted I am with the change in my horse after trying 'relax me’. I have a 10 year old 16.1hh warmblood gelding who has always been a bit spooky, but has recently become much worse following surgery which required weeks of box rest.

I would like to let you know how delighted I am with the change in my horse after trying 'relax me’. I have a 10 year old 16.1hh warmblood gelding who has always been a bit spooky, but has recently become much worse following surgery which required weeks of box rest.

When the time came for turnout even getting to and from the field was a chore as he was so wound up and seeing monsters in every bush. When lunging commenced he would spook at his own shadow in the arena and take off and to be honest we were dreading the ridden work beginning. I started him on 'relax me' after reading some reviews a few weeks ago, and I can honestly say the difference is incredible! He is walking perfectly calmly to and from the field, is a gem to lunge and has started short hacks even leaving the yard alone without trauma which was unheard of before. I am absolutely delighted with the results and would recommend this product to anyone.'

Janice McNeill




Peter Noone on Greyhounds

greyhound1I am a full-time greyhound trainer and have used the 'new bludd' tonic and have to say Its the best tonic i've ever used, it keeps my dogs in top form for longer and there jumping out of there skin and when I get blood tests done the HGB are alsways perfect thanks to this product I couldn't train dogs without it..


Peter Noone

Valerie Coppola's Relax Me Story!

'My 21 year old welsh section D was really anxious and nervous despite the fact that due to her age had seen it all!

I had lost my confidence riding her due to her spooking so decided to try Relax me and the difference is amazing.She is totally relaxed and rode her in the jumping paddock last night and she was so chilled. Hopefully I will now be able to hack out so thank you for a product that really works and has given me a much calmer pony!'

Valerie Coppola

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