Natalie's story with HORSE FIRST

natalie 2'I had a 17 year old bay mare who was very hard to keep sound behind, I started to use keep me sound on her in 2007/8 and she became so fit & healthy, a great coat and best of all sound! We competed all over Ireland and got placed in a few different competitions!

She's now 19 and retired and I have a 5 yr old KWPN (chestnut) who is very hot headed, I have her on relax me, garlic and more & cuppra, I have new bludd for when I put her in foal, and also keep me sound to keep her healthy! If I need any supplements the first one I go for is horse first! I proudly wear horse first my hat & coat and my horse wears the horse first saddle cloth!! (We're just missing the fly veil!!)  Thank you for a great range of products!!'