Jonna’s story with ‘Hoof First’!


I have to tell you about your magic product, Hoof first.
My horse injured her left front hoof one a year ago. I doesn't matter how but the injury was large (pic  attached). We went to the vet and the farrier and he wasn’t sure the horse would be functional again. The horse has never had problems with the hoofs before but in the summer they became very dry. We were worried, it was almost summer, the hoof must not only grow but also grow with quality.
Farrier number two, who shod the other hoofs on the horse told me she have heard about a supplement, Hoof first. There are only one shop near me, 35 km from my home, which stock Horse First. I bought a box, it was very expensive, but what should I do?
Now, 5 boxes and 10 months later, the change is amazing. Even my vet and the farriers are amazed. This can’t be true? How?
Look at the attached pictures and you will see what Hoof first have done to my horse. Pic number 2 (hov3) was 2 days ago.

Same stable, same food, same pasture...nothing else is changed.

Thank you!’  Thank you so much Jonna for your lovely feedback! 

Emma Cahill’s ‘Hoof First’ Story!

Emma submission‘In 2013 I took up the ride of Capitol Coin, then 17 who has evented internationally to 2* with Junior Riders Katie and Jamie Nolan for a new beginning in Para Dressage. Straight away his hooves were a problem. I found out his feet had kept him out of work for an entire season one year and that he regularly lost shoes and that there had been huge difficulty keeping him sound. In 2014 after a quiet enough start to our partnership in 2013 I started feeding Hoof First (upon the advice of Emma Newsam) as I wanted to keep 'Red' in his shoes this season and help him out in anyway I could. The difference is unreal. An older horse with a lifelong hoof problem is definitely easier to shoe and has only lost one shoe all season. 

This took away a lot of worry and we had a great year, competing at a CPEDI*** and coming 4th and 6th, competing in the Amateur Hunter in the RDS and participation in a Freestyle Demo at the EU-CH-P in Millstreet. The Nolans feed Horse First supplements exclusively and the results can be seen. The horses are shining from the inside!’

Thank you Emma – More info on Hoof First can be seen here! 

Hoof First

My horse has always suffered from low heels and thin soles compouded by the wrong type of shoeing. After speaking with my new remedial farrier he suggested a good Biotin suppliment to support his work. I researched suppliments on line and discovered that Hoof First contained more Biotin than any others. What can I say - after only 2 shoeings there was a difference in the quality of his feet, after 3 there is a massive difference. My delighted farrier called me over to test the hardness of his feet and I have no doubt that your product combined with good farriery has made the huge difference. A once crabby moving, sore footed horse is going so much better that he has come up through the shoulder so much that everyone comments on how he has grown. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a horse with thin soles or poor quality feet, it really does what it says on the tub!

Karen Cholerton