Alena Hughe's story with HORSE FIRST

rsz alena hughes'Huge huge thanks to Horse First for fantastic products, we use New Bludd, my joints, Omega D and Relax Me and what a difference they make. Alena started competing BSJA at the age of Seven and at that age she struggled to cope with highly strung professional ponies with little strength and little legs, Relax me just took that edge off, making her able to be in control and for the ponies to listen to what she was requiring of them. We have not looked back since and thought to try some more of the range.

Since January still at the age of Seven Alena has qualified for the Under 10's Style & Performance, Stepping Stones on three of her ponies, qualified NSEA both individual and Team. Alena has just turned Eight and hopes to qualify all her ponies for Tiny Tots and more besides. Without Horse First and amazing product range I don't think we would have had those results. Thank you Horse First!'

Alena Hughes

Natalie's story with HORSE FIRST

natalie 2'I had a 17 year old bay mare who was very hard to keep sound behind, I started to use keep me sound on her in 2007/8 and she became so fit & healthy, a great coat and best of all sound! We competed all over Ireland and got placed in a few different competitions!

She's now 19 and retired and I have a 5 yr old KWPN (chestnut) who is very hot headed, I have her on relax me, garlic and more & cuppra, I have new bludd for when I put her in foal, and also keep me sound to keep her healthy! If I need any supplements the first one I go for is horse first! I proudly wear horse first my hat & coat and my horse wears the horse first saddle cloth!! (We're just missing the fly veil!!)  Thank you for a great range of products!!'


Peter Noone on Greyhounds

greyhound1I am a full-time greyhound trainer and have used the 'new bludd' tonic and have to say Its the best tonic i've ever used, it keeps my dogs in top form for longer and there jumping out of there skin and when I get blood tests done the HGB are alsways perfect thanks to this product I couldn't train dogs without it..


Peter Noone