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Welcome to My HORSE FIRST loyalty club.

Become a member of  My HORSE FIRST today (register using the form below) and begin collecting horse's head loyalty points.

Horse First Loyalty Scheme

If you have already purchased a HORSE FIRST supplement you will find a unique number inside the container - enter this also when registering.

A confirmation email will be sent to you when your Horse First Direct account has been activated and credited with the loyalty points (usually within 10 to 14 working days). It will also include login information.

Submission Form

Use this form if this is your first time registering or submitting your loyalty points.
(Please ensure you have access to the email address provided).

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Enter the Unique Number(s) found in your product - if you have one:

Use this form if you have previously registered or submitted loyalty points.
(Please enter the same email address used during initial registration).

Your Name:
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Enter the Unique Number(s) found in your product:

You may redeem the distinctive RED HORSE FIRST head points against our merchandise. (Please note, you cannot redeem loyalty points against any supplement products, only merchandise - Jackets, Caps, Saddle Cloths etc).

Visit for the range of merchandise available or to redeem your points and place an order.

For example if you purchase 4kg of Garlic & more and 2.5 litres of B Well you would have 4 points in your account.  You may redeem four points towards a horse first baseball cap! 

Coming soon. How to check how many points you have.

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